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Instructions & Tips:

  • Click link to login and register ----------> BUT READ THIS FIRST!



  • You can use your old account if you created one last year and just verify the info is still correct or change what needs to be changed

  • You must pay the deposit BEFORE you can finish the registration

  • DO NOT click NO COUPON if registering before June 1.  The EarlyBird discount that will be listed there and will go away if you do.  You need to do nothing, we have done it for you!

  • Take advantage of the payment plan set up!  All balances must be paid by the first day of your camp.

  • IF your church will be paying the full amount for all campers the leader must contact me for a code to bypass the registration deposit

  • AFTER you pay the deposit go in and fill out all the rest of the information needed to complete registration.

  • DO NOT get the insurance.  That is just something the company offers and we can not turn off.


  • The Adult attending Kiddie Camp is the one who needs to register NOT the child.

  • Kiddie Camp has family registration so that you pay all in one spot, so no need to start second registration UNLESS there will be more than 4 people on the registration (only 3 children 1 adult OR 2 children 2 adults)

  • Kiddie Camp shirts are not included in the fee.  If you want one please order during registration



  • The Child or Youth is the one who needs to register

  • Shirts are included in the fee

  • When you are asked in HEALTH HISTORY "Any additional important information the camp needs to know about your camper?" - THIS is where you can tell us anything from prayer concerns for your child to mental or physical health that we may need to know

  • If you have questions or need help with registration contact Mandy @ 270.253.2049

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