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What do I need TO PACK?

(bold items are a MUST)

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  • Canteen money ($20-$25 is suggested)

  • Sleeping bag or twin sheets

  • pillow

  • towels

  • washcloths

  • soap

  • shampoo

  • toothbrush

  • toothpaste

  • comb

  • brush

  • sun screen

  • insect spray

  • bible

  • stationery & stamps (So they can write to you about how great camp is going!) 

  • flashlight

  • Medication

    • Any medication (prescription & non-prescription) must be checked in at time of registration.  They will be controlled by staff and locked in a secure location.

  • clothes

    • jeans

    • shorts

    • t-shirts

    • sneakers

    • extra shoes

    • jacket

    • socks

    • flip flops for pool

    • swimsuit (one piece, appropriate for church camp


Of course, there are other items your kid might want to bring.  This is not complete list but is a great place to start!


Important: Please LABEL ALL personal items sent with Camper.  While we do our best to keep things in order, kids will be kids and it will be nice to have names at the end of the week to help us assure Everything gets back home.


What should I leave at home?

  • Cell phones

    • In emergency situations, if contact needs to be made call the camp phone.  Likewise, if we have an emergency on our end we will contact you from the camp phone.

  • CD/DVD Players

  • Hand held gaming devices (i.e. - DS, DSI... etc.)

  • Food and Drinks

    • All food and drinks will be provided for meals and snack times.  There is no need to bring extra snacks.  We also cannot hold onto them because of health codes.  If medical reasons require specific food please contact us before hand and fill out a medical form to turn in at registration.



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